Saturday, January 30, 2010

Loving your Work

When my husband Andrew Patrick (Andy) Boyle and I thought about a business that we will cherish and love, my mind immediately went back to my childhood days. The days back in the Philippines with all the beautiful handicrafts made by the poor artisans. But I have observed these people stay poor and it is the rich exporters that are the only ones getting richer.

Then Andy and I talked about eliminating the middlemen (exporters) and having our own production facilities, working directly with our own artisans and people. This way, we can talk to them directly about their concerns, suggestions and needs. They are our inspiration and because of them we have reach our fulfillment and dreams.

We also have projects that give back to them and the community. We love what we do---Helping people, giving hope to our artisans and bringing to the market those elegant and beautifully crafted products that are made from eco-friendly materials.

Today, our company ECO-FRIENDLY MARKET is known around the world for its Natural, Sustainable and Fair Trade Products and its giving back to the community.

We can proudly say---We wake up each morning with a smile on our face and looking forward to a different challenge---We love our people, work and you our valued clients!


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