Tuesday, July 2, 2013

ITEM # AENV-BRIAN - Abaca Cobweb Envelope


Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Eco-Friendly Envelopes, Sinamay Envelope, Environmentally Friendly Envelopes, Earth Friendly Envelopes, Natural Mesh Envelopes, Abaca Envelopes, Burlap Envelopes

One of our signature collection is this Eco-Friendly Envelope made from Abaca Fiber (Philippine Burlap-Manila hemp).  These fibers are sun-dried and handwoven into sheets and sewn into this beautiful envelope.
Abaca (Burlap) Envelope
Color: Natural Brown
This Eco-Friendly Packaging  fits 4 2 oz. bottles perfectly or 2 big bars of soap.
For more information about this Eco-Friendly Envelope, check our website:

Photo courtesy of Barista Bath and Body products: www,baristabathandbody.com 

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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Sinamay Boxes, Eco-Friendly Packaging, Sinamay, Eco-Friendly Boxes, Eco-Friendly Gift Packaging

You would probably wonder why we are already starting to show great ideas of Eco-Friendly Gift Packaging for the Christmas season.  As a manufacturer (we have our own artisans that make our products) of Eco-Friendly Packaging Boxes & Envelopes, our clients (who are also manufacturers of specialty food items such as organic coffee, chocolates, pastries, personal care products, butterfly breeders, clothing etc.) plan a year ahead for their gift packaging especially if they do mail order catalogs.

So that is the reason why we are posting these ideas---some smaller companies are still in the process of planning their gifts and kits are here is one of them:

Friday, August 6, 2010

Abaca Lidded Boxes, Eco-Friendly Packaging, Eco-Friendly Gift Packaging, Green Packaging

There are so many great ideas that you can come up using our Abaca Lidded Boxes.  This is one of our original creations---Invitations in a Box--Not only for weddings but for various social functions and family events.
Abaca Lidded Box with wire frame
Size: (outside dimensions)
7 1/2 inches length x 5 1/2 inches width x 3 inches height
Color: Natural Brown
 For more  information, check our website at:

Watercolor Invitation "Starfish Dreams" by Designs by Lenila

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Pandan Lidded Boxes, Eco-Friendly Gift Packaging, Lather, Inc., Sustainable Gift Packaging, Eco-Friendly Boxes, Unique Gift Boxes, Pandan Box, Green Packaging

There is a saying that "great gifts come in small packages" 
This Pandan Lidded Box Item # PB-GINA measures: 4 inches length x 2 1/2inches width x 1 1/2 inches height
with lid the height is 2 inches
Check our website exclusive for Pandan Collection-Pandan Lidded Boxes 


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Thursday, August 5, 2010

Eco-Friendly Envelopes, Sinamay Envelope, Environmentally Friendly Envelopes, Earth Friendly Envelopes, Natural Mesh Envelopes

Our clients suggested that we have a larger type of envelopes with gusset that would fit about 6 pieces of 2 oz. bottles of personal care products--so here we come--This Sinamay Envelope is very practical, elegant and perfect for personal care sampler pack.  We also have great ideas (but will come to that in a few days) how you can use this eco-friendly packaging envelope.

Sinamay Envelope with wood button closure
Size: 9 inches length x 4 1/4 inches height x 2 1/2 inches gusset
Color: Natural White
Weave: Plain

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