Monday, June 21, 2010

Lauhala Box/Pandan Box with Christmas Decor

You'll probably wonder why we are showing great ideas for Christmas in June--
Well, as a manufacturer and supplier to shops, specialty food manufacturers, personal care products manufacturer etc. we have to prepare at least a year ahead for our clients.

We had started delivering our Eco-Friendly Gift Packaging boxes, envelopes and pouches for our clients so that they have time to take photos of their gift sets for their catalogs and websites.
My friend Diane of Gofigurette had shared with  us this photo of our Lauhala Box/Pandan Box as small christmas presents.
Please note that we sell these lauhala boxes/pandan boxes
plain in wholesale and retail (check with us for our list of retailers).  If you wish to order the decorated ones, contact Diane of Gofigurette

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