Thursday, July 31, 2008

Round Sinamay Gift Box

What a great gift idea! You can fill these tier of sinamay boxes with cookies, candies, fruits etc. for your family and friends.

Wine Holders - All Natural and Eco Friendly

For gift giving to the wine lovers---These wine holders are all natural and eco friendly---
These are made from Abaca fibers (Manila Hemp) --very sturdy, earth tone color, elegant and at a very reasonable price.

Please check our ONLINE CATALOG - Abaca Collection

Treasure Chest

Treasure Chests made from Sinamay Fiber---Our signature design! You may check our Online Catalog --Sinamay Collection at

We all love Flowers!

Flowers, flowers---who would not love to receive these bouquets? These bouquet boxes and sheet (shown with lavender bunch) are all natural and earth friendly. Your recipient will love these boxes even after the flowers are gone.

Custom Design Services

We are happy to share with you our news that we have expanded our business to include a new service that will assist Marketing Specialists to develop designs for their corporate gift sets.

This service will include proposals, designs, photography, lay-out for gift sets using our natural and organic packaging.

If you need further information, please contact our design team at Tel# (951)256-4373 ext. 102 Attention: Andrew Patrick Boyle

Gift Giving for Christmas--

How do we share our gifts this Christmas at this slow economy? Many of our clients in the gift industry had informed us of how people still plan to give gifts this Christmas season despite of the slow economy.

Gifts should be given from the heart---whether it is a box of few homemade cookies, a pie, some candies or even just a telephone call or a handmade card to express our feelings. Its is not the monetary value but the special thoughts that counts the most!

We have these boxes, envelopes and handmade cards that you can put together for the Christmas season. Let us know if you would like to have some great ideas on how to package your homemade cookies, tarts or candies.

Its just July 31st and our clients are already getting busy with their plans for the holiday season. Time flies so fast---let us enjoy each day of our lives, smell the flowers around us, take a deep breath, pray, meditate and always say I love you --to the people you care about.

Gift Giving for Christmas--

Today is July 31st ----We had been getting calls for the Christmas season orders! Retailers and wholesalers are getting ready for the holiday rush---Believe it or not--we already get request for quotations for Valentine's Day 2009. How time flies---
As years had passed, we have learned that time flies so fast and the best gift we can give to ourselves, our love ones, friends is enjoying each day at a time---

Gift giving is from the heart---simple gestures of a phone call saying you care for the person, home baked cookies or your favorite pie is fine. Giving is not based on the monetary value--it is the thought the counts the most!

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Busy Week - July 21 to 25

This will be a very busy week for us---Shipping and taking more orders for our clients that will order for their Christmas Gift Sets. One of our best sellers in the high end gift industry is our PANDAN COLLECTION

These elegant pandan containers are woven to be sturdy boxes and elegant gift boxes for the season. Let's not forget that these are made from natural fibers of "pandanus sabutan" which is eco-friendly. In the coming weeks we hope to share with you more of our gift packaging ideas.

Giving Back (Charity) during Recession Time

Children having nutritious meals through the Feeding Program of Fr. Ed Bellen (Pastor of St. Michael the Archangel Catholic Church in the Philippines)

Two years back, we had contributed canned food, pasta, candies, fruit drinks for these poor kids in the Philippines. The housing slump and the rising gasoline prices had slowed down most of the businesses in the US and other countries. But most of all, the gift industry is the most hit by this recession. So our question is : How can we still give back (charity) when our business is slow?

We have come to a few solutions. The money saved may not be that much but converting these savings from US Dollars to Philippine Peso (Philippine currency - Philippines - our chosen country for our charity projects) is a big help.

  1. Brewing our own coffee instead of buying those latte and other expensive coffee to go.
  2. Brown bag lunches- a big savings and healthier than fast food
  3. Cutting down on office expenditures such as personal telephone calls, entertainment, supplies etc.
  4. Recycle, recycle---those that can be sold for recycling can add up to a few dollars
  5. Thrift shops have a lot of items that are new and cost much less than the regular price
  6. Saving on electricity, water and gas
  7. Telecommuting when possible or taking public transportation such as trains and buses
All these savings can add up and be used for our planned project for Christmas " My Christmas Wish" - Drawing contest that will express each of these poor kids their wish for the Christmas season.
If you are interested to know more about our Giving Back programs, please contact us via email at : and put Attention: Inquiry about Giving Back

Our Mission and Principles

Our Mission

Our main mission is to be able to provide vital and fair income to the hardworking poor people in Asia. We work directly with the
artisans, women's cooperative who would otherwise be unemployed. Their income derived from working with us helps their
families pay for food, housing, education and health care.

The company's secondary mission is to create elegant, unique products that are made from natural, environmentally friendly and
recycled materials. We also create products that will preserve the environment and promote sustainability.

Our Principles

The basic principle in our business is COMPASSION and INTEGRITY. We pay our artisans a fair wage and have our concern for
their welfare. We also provide consistent work orders, financial assistance (cash advances) for materials and labor, training and
workshops and prompt final payment for all our orders.

Our Vision of the Future

That someday these artisans will be entrepreneurs themselves, will earn a fair wage, be treated with respect and dignity and live a
better quality of life.

Eco-friendly envelopes for Christmas gift cards

Sinamay and Abaca Envelopes

These Sinamay and Abaca Envelopes are perfect for Christmas gift cards and promotions. The size is : 10 1/2 x 4 1/2 (letter size) in cobweb style and regular weave ---in Bright Red and white color.
Bright Red has two meanings - Christmas and Good Luck
These envelopes has a ribbon in both red or white. Check our Online Catalog for other sizes.

Bankuan - Woven Grass Gift Box

Item # Andrea - Bankuan Collection

This is a very elegant woven grass wired lidded box.
It comes in set of two (2) and measures:
Large - 9 1/2 x 7 x 4
Small - 8 1/2 x 5 x 3

This is in natural brown (earth-tone) color

Gift recipients love this box even after the contents are gone!

Company Logo - Abaca Plant

Our company logo is a watercolor artwork (Lenila Batali of Designs by Lenila) of an ABACA PLANT

The abaca plant is a Philippine original. The origin of the abaca plant (a variety of the banana tree) is in the southern part of the Philippines (mainly found in the Bicol and Visayas region) where there are rain forests and highly humid atmospheric conditions. Its fiber is widely known in the export trade as Manila Hemp. Currently, Bicol and the Leyte-Samar area are the top producers of abaca fibers. While banana is valued for its fruits, the abaca is valued for its stalk The abaca plant also bear fruits and flowers that resemble closely the banana’s. The abaca is believed to have evolved in the Bicol area and since have been propagated fto Southern Luzon and the Visayas region.

One distinguishing characteristic between the banana and the abaca plant is the shape of the leaftip. The abaca is more pointed while the banana is rounded. Likewise the abaca fruits are small and are not as enticing as that of the banana.

The abaca is a plant material that the Philippine government regulates. While other plant material like seeds and flowers are freely shared between countries, among research centers, the abaca is restricted material.

It is used in the handicraft business as pulp material for handmade paper, fibers to be woven into ropes, and braids and cordage.

Acknowledgement :

Abaca Plant Photo and information from FIDA (Fiber Industry Development Authority - Philippines)

Christmas in July 2008!

Its July 20, 2008 and we are ready for Christmas season! Since our clients prepare about 6 months ahead of time for their Holiday catalogs and mailings, we are always ready to fulfill their orders prior to that time---thus by June we are up and running for the Christmas season.

Here is our signature TREASURE CHEST style sinamay (Manila Hemp) box. You may check our ONLINE CATALOG : Sinamay Collection - Item# P-12 Vic. This elegant and eco-friendly gift box measures 8 inches width x 9 inches high x 5 inches depth and comes in two colors : white and bright red. This treasure chest comes with a hand carved lock made out from coconut shell and wood.