Sunday, July 20, 2008

Our Mission and Principles

Our Mission

Our main mission is to be able to provide vital and fair income to the hardworking poor people in Asia. We work directly with the
artisans, women's cooperative who would otherwise be unemployed. Their income derived from working with us helps their
families pay for food, housing, education and health care.

The company's secondary mission is to create elegant, unique products that are made from natural, environmentally friendly and
recycled materials. We also create products that will preserve the environment and promote sustainability.

Our Principles

The basic principle in our business is COMPASSION and INTEGRITY. We pay our artisans a fair wage and have our concern for
their welfare. We also provide consistent work orders, financial assistance (cash advances) for materials and labor, training and
workshops and prompt final payment for all our orders.

Our Vision of the Future

That someday these artisans will be entrepreneurs themselves, will earn a fair wage, be treated with respect and dignity and live a
better quality of life.


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