Thursday, January 14, 2010

Giving, Giving and Receiving

I was reading another Blog for Women Entrepreneurs and this topic caught my attention of how people succeed in business, relationships whether business or personal and as a whole in life.

The reason is: GIVE, GIVE, GIVE---give your best, give from your heart and mind, give unselfishly not expecting something in return and you'll find that you will receive more---receive maybe not just in materials things but a fulfillment that leads to positive outlook and more success in business and personal life.

This is one of the reason why Eco-Friendly Market is in business--

We give our artisans and employees the best we can as part of the family.
We give our clients our utmost attention that they are happy with doing business with us.
We extend more assistance and share our business experiences and knowledge to small and growing businesses so that in one way or another it would be easier for them to meet their goals.

There are so many and countless ways that we give : check our GIVING BACK page  and in return, we have loyal and valued clients, loyal employees and artisans and also countless blessings!


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