Monday, February 22, 2010

Abaca Envelope-Eco-Friendly Packaging, Eco-Friendly Envelopes

Abaca (Manila Hemp) is one of the most sustainable fibers to create various Eco-Friendly Packaging products.
This Abaca Envelope (Philippine term-Burlap Fiber) is made from natural fiber, unprocessed with its natural brown color.  These handmade products are woven by our artisans mostly women in the Philippines.  Our company Eco-Friendly Market provides these artisans with training, fair trade wages and hope that someday they will no longer have to worry about providing their family the daily basic needs through their stable employment.

Abaca (Manila Hemp-Philippine Term-Burlap) Envelope with gusset
Material: Abaca Fiber
Color: Natural Brown
Size: 6 inches width x 4 1/2 inches height x 2 1/2 inches gusset
Note: We sell the envelopes only.  For the favor tag, please contact Lenila Batali of Designs by Lenila 


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